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Whether you need help getting your medication or compounding services, we can do it all. You can even rely on us to come to you. We offer free prescription delivery services in and around Cheyenne, WY. You can count on us to go the distance and do whatever we can to assist you.

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  • Custom medication
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  • Muli-dose medication packaging
  • Medication delivery services

  • Ask about our custom medication boxes today when you stop by. To put in an order for a new compounding medication prescription or a refill, call 307-514-0200 today.

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    Count on us for free medication delivery services in Cheyenne, WY

    Support the community with a bag of popcorn

    At City Drug, we love giving back to the community - and you can help. We sell the same delicious popcorn Cheyenne locals know and love, and the proceeds go towards helping people get the medications and vaccinations they need.

    Visit our neighborhood pharmacy today to speak with our local pharmacist about what we can do for you.